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Xapserver provides essential core infrastructure and security functions for websites and intranets. It provides a modular application development framework that developers can use to build more complex web applications in less time.


Xapbuilder is an advanced website and content management tool. It allows for the easy creation and editing of web pages, content, images, and meta information. Xapbuilder supports embedded PHP and dynamic content and tightly integrates additional Xapserver modules and security.


XEdit is a highly advanced tool for creating custom database applications, saving hours of programming. XEdit supports complex multi-table schemas which can be extended to include uploadable files and images. XEdit provides an instant database management solutions.


Our E-Commerce module is the essential base for online retail and wholesale businesses. Catalogs are designed and built using Xapbuilder and XEdit and integrated with the shopping cart. Automatic payment processing and order management tools are also included.


XapML is an XML authoring toolkit designed to simplify and streamline XML publishing in a Xapserver domains. XapML is useful for building XHTML web pages, news feeds, web services, and many other application-specific XML markups.

Mailing List Manager

The Mailing List Manager is an advanced opt-in email distribution system. Users receive email announcements and newsletters and are able to manage their subscriptions online. It supports multiple mailing lists and message templates and allows users to spread the word with smart forwarding features.

Xapnet products serve as a foundation our services.
Xapnet offers a dynamic set of platform products that serve as a foundation our services. Xapnet products pack years of expertise derived from multiple projects and integration efforts...
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