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Mobile App Development

Xapnet provides mobile app development services for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Embracing the latest SDKs and hardware advancements as they are made available, mobile strategies are also able to leverage Xapnet's tested and proven web infrastructure to gain a unique advantage in the competitive mobile apps markets.

Web & Intranet Design/Development

Xapnet development services leverage our proprietary technology as well as our design and programming expertise to create cutting-edge websites and web applications. By emphasizing style, usability, security and data efficiency, Xapnet solutions provide both cost savings and flexibility to address a rapidly changing Internet and IT landscape.

Flash Animation & ActionScript

Flash offers a dynamic method to emphasize your message using animation as a medium. Xapnet offers Flash animation services as well as dynamic content integration using Xapserver and ActionScript.

Photography & Image Editing

Xapnet photography services function to complete your project cycle. From lighting to mastering, we will make sure that your images are presented with the best possible likeness in the best possible context.

Film & Video Production

We provide full production services from pre-production through post-production. We also offer great animation and computer graphics services to enhance any green-screen shots and add value to live action sequences. Our in-house production staff will oversee a project from inception to completion and guarantee satisfaction.

Systems & IT Consulting

Xapnet consulting services help companies leverage their Internet initiatives more effectively. Xapnet can identify and deliver systems and support to ensure that these systems stay up and running. We improve the return on your investments while reducing the cost of IT.

Xapnet provides premium services and systems solutions.
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